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Year: 2015

Do you color?
Do You Color?

Looking for some “outside of the box” ideas on relaxation? Try coloring. Yes, I said coloring! Recently a coworker introduced me to coloring books for adults, which I was super pleased to learn about, as I used to love to color as a kid. During my search for coloring books I came across these two…

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Smoothie recipe
Green Berry Morning Smoothie

This morning smoothie is easy to make and provides you with an energy packed, phytonutrient rich breakfast on the go! I use a version of this recipe in the mornings when I don’t have time to cook, and sometimes for a quick lunch too. You can use this recipe as a base and add ingredients…

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Environmental working group resources
Environmental Working Group Resources

The Environmental Working Group has several really great resources on their website that are VERY useful in helping you clean up your food and water choices, as well as your household and personal products. Below I have summarized several favorites that go along perfectly with my 3-week Jump Start Your Health Plan! Shopper’s Guide to…

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