How Arizona Wellness Medicine is Helping to Prevent Community Spread 3-21-2020

How Arizona wellness is helping prevent community spread
Because our main goal is of course to provide excellent patient care and service to you, we've implemented several new policies.

So what have we been doing at Arizona Wellness Medicine to help prevent community spread? Because our main goal is of course to provide excellent patient care and service to you, we’ve implemented several new policies. We have been asking patients to highly consider doing their visits via phone or video and I can tell you from this past week that’s what most patients have chosen. So we have very little foot traffic in the office. In addition to that, we have also been doing some intense phone screening for those people that do need to come to the office, making sure that they have not been in contact with anyone that’s sick, they’re not sick themselves and they haven’t traveled to an area where there’s been a COVID outbreak. And when patients do come into the office right away, they’re screened for a temperature and if they do have a temperature then they’re asked to not fully come into the office.

And there is also a mandatory hand-washing policy. If you are going to come into the office, you’re very first stop will be a sink with soap and water and a sign on how to hand wash properly. And we even have a clock with a second hand to make sure that you are doing it for at least 20 seconds if not 30 seconds, ideally. In addition to that, we have upgraded our shipping from our office directly, so we’re offering free shipping in certain cases. It just depends on what, how many supplements you’re wanting to purchase and what size box we end up having to put it in. And that’s a great option because that will get things to you in one to two days, which is a lot faster than ordering from our online resources, which of course you’re still welcome to do as well.

And in addition to that, if you do want to come to the office to pick up supplements, we’re offering curbside service. So just call or message us ahead of time so we can get everything packaged up. And then when you pull up to the office, just beep your horn and they’ll come out and deliver your supplements to you. And then in addition to that, general office cleaning protocols, we already three weeks ago heightened our infection control policy and cleaning. And we’ve since even upgraded that even more, and we do have two Austin Air filters in our office that helps filter and clean out the air as well. And our goal is to only have one to two patients in the office at any given time, so we are really doing our best to take excellent care of you and keep you guys safe as well as us. I hope this helps.




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