COVID-19 Statistics Update 3-21-2020

Covid 19 stats
Here is what we know about COVID-19 as of Saturday, March 21st.

Hi everyone. It is Saturday, March 21st and I am going to give you a Coronavirus update. I want to start with the global statistics, and then kind of move to US, and then local statistics here in Arizona and even in our county. Okay. So globally, there are 289,948 cases of Coronavirus. In the US so far confirmed, we have 22,043 cases. In our state of Arizona, we have 104 cases with one death. In Maricopa County, which is the county that I live in and where my practice is, we have 49 confirmed cases in Maricopa County. And on the Arizona Department of Health website, the risk of community spread has now been raised from minimal to moderate. Thus, all the recommendations and why schools here in Arizona are going to be closed through April 10th. They’ve also postponed any elective surgery cases and kind of mandated that businesses like gyms and movie theaters and whatnot stay closed as well. So that is the current state of the Coronavirus globally, nationally, and then locally.



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