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Functional Medicine Reset
Looking for a healthy reset? Here are some of my favorite resets and factors to consider when choosing the best program for you.

So it’s now 2023, so some of you might have New Year’s resolutions that include getting back on track with your diet, losing weight, and being more consistent with exercise. And there are so many options out there. There are so many programs to choose from. What I would encourage you to do is think about what’s the right program for you with your specific goals, number one. Number two, I would also highly encourage avoiding super quick, gimmicky type programs or detoxes or cleanses, especially if you are someone that is brand new to trying to do diet and lifestyle changes. A lot of those, not that they can’t be effective.  I have two issues with those types. If you are not leading a healthy lifestyle currently, and then you go on, let’s say, a three-day juice cleanse, while some people would feel great and do fine, others, you may actually be moving some of those toxins around into what are called intermediate metabolites, and a lot of those can make you feel worse if your detox pathways are not set up properly.

So there’s always that little risk of your wonderful three-day juice cleanse that’s supposed to make you feel great, really doesn’t make you feel great. As a matter of fact, it can make you feel sicker, and some people kind of get stuck in that cycle too. So I would definitely encourage steering people away from the quick, fast detoxification type things and go for a program that’s more sustainable, especially if this is your first time really wanting to jump on board with diet and lifestyle changes. 

Seven Weeks to Your Healthiest Self Masterclass

Now that being said, if you are brand new to integrative medicine, functional medicine, or just even healthy lifestyle changes, the program I would recommend for you is Seven Weeks to Your Healthiest Self Masterclass. Seven weeks seems like a long time, but this program is really designed to teach people about nutrition, sleep, exercise and movement, stress management, and toxin reduction.  If you are unfamiliar with what to do in those areas and how to make changes sustainable and make them stick, not just switch for next week and then fall off track, then this is the right program for you. This is a self-guided video program. There are video modules in the program that also include PDF downloads, which there’s recipes in there, there’s resources in there. And the crux of it is it not only teaches lifestyle changes, but it also really teaches you how to eat well. And if you do it the right way, it’ll also show you how to figure out what your food sensitivities might be like. In other words, what foods could be potentially causing symptoms for you that you might not even be aware about. So again, that’s the Seven Weeks Your Healthiest Self Masterclass. Again, for people that have no idea where to start, they want a comprehensive program, they want to kind of go at their own pace, go a little bit slower, which I actually recommend for sustainable changes. That is the way to go. So that’s program number one.

30-day Keto Reset Program

Now, program number two that I’m going to mention is a 30-day Keto Reset Program. Now, this program is really meant for people who want to lose weight, like losing weight is one of their main objectives, but they’ve been struggling with, let’s say, food cravings, just having good control of their diet, or maybe they’ve thought about doing a keto approach but don’t know how or don’t know how to do it the healthy way. And I’ve done lots of videos on this in the past. I have some really good content on how to do keto the right way and how to avoid doing a dirty keto, let’s say. Because you do really want to incorporate plant foods, you want to make sure you have enough dietary fiber. There is a good healthy way to do a ketogenic diet. And so the 30-day Keto Reset program that I have is very simple.

It’s a free download that comes with purchase of the Keto Reset Bundle Supplements, and those supplements include a really high-quality multivitamin that’s geared towards mitochondrial support. The mitochondria are the powerhouses, the cells, the energy producers. It comes with an organic greens powder, and it also comes with some liver support. Part of when you change your diet, part of healthy detoxification that I was mentioning previously, does include making sure that things are being processed properly in the liver, but it also includes things like making sure you’re having a daily bowel movement, you’re drinking enough water, you’re sweating enough. So the Keto Reset Program goes through how to successfully implement a ketogenic diet. And I do use some outside resources. I do recommend getting a ketone meter of some kind. My favorite is the Biosense Company. Love their product and the way that they have their app set up. And then of course, tracking your food intake. Carb Manager is one of my favorite apps for that.  This Keto Reset Program, again, is really for someone whose main goal is to lose weight. It is also going to help also with blood sugar control. So if you’re someone that’s pre-diabetic or a type two diabetic, doing a ketogenic approach can be really, really helpful for you. 

Seven-Day Core Restore Detox with Your Doctor Program

And then the third program I have is a seven-day program that really is meant for people who already know, they’ve already learned how to do healthy lifestyle changes, but you’ve just gotten off track during the holidays, and you want to reset things. You want to get back on track. You know what you should be doing for nutrition, sleep, exercise and movement, stress management, toxin reduction. You’re familiar with all of that, but you just want something to kind of get you back into healthy habits. So that’s the Seven-Day Core Restore Detox with Your Doctor Program. It’s a very simple program. You have to order the box. We have them at the office.  You can also order them on Fullscript through our account, and you get to choose chocolate or vanilla. And the kit comes with everything.  It’s not just a protein powder, it also helps regulate detoxification, it has some good fiber intake in there, and it also comes with a high quality multivitamin and some liver support as well. And inside the box, it has just like a small booklet that has some recipes and will tell you, “Hey, here’s how you take your supplements for the seven days.” And I’ve had lots of patients do all of the programs I just mentioned over the years. The Seven-Day Core Restore is popular for, again, those who, they know what to do, they just want some help getting set back on their healthy lifestyle habits that they already know that they should be doing.

So just to kind of recap quickly, the three different programs, Seven Weeks to Your Healthiest Self Masterclass. Again, it’s for those who don’t know where to start, have not really done healthy diet and lifestyle changes. It will also help you figure out what your food sensitivities are because there is a 30 day Paleo reset in this program with proper food reintroductions. That’s how you’re going to figure out if you have food sensitivities. And then the 30-Day Keto Reset Program is really designed to help those lose weight. If weight loss is one of your main goals or blood sugar control is one of your main goals, then that program is for you. And again, that’s just a PDF download that comes with a purchase of the supplement bundle, which by the way is 15% off when you buy them online at And then the third program is, It’s a seven day detox. It’s called Core Restore by Ortho Molecular, and it’s really meant for those who already really know what to do, they just need a reset to get back on track.

So I hope this helps explain three great options that we have to get you back on track, or get you to your new weight loss goal, or just get you started with living a healthier lifestyle. This is Dr. Emily Parke.

LINKS to programs mentioned above: 

7 Weeks to Your Healthiest Self Masterclass for $49

Keto Reset Program including 3- supplement bundle  for 15% off

Core Restore by Ortho Molecular 7 Day Detox: or can be purchased in office 



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