Healthy Soda Alternatives

Healthy Soda Alternatives
If you've been trying to get rid of soda in your life, I have some delicious and healthy soda alternatives for you to try!

Healthy Soda Alternatives

If you’ve been trying to get rid of soda in your life and you haven’t been able to, I have some really yummy solutions that worked well for me personally years ago and have worked pretty well for my patients too. So I do really like to use sparkling water and cold sparkling water is probably my favorite. And I’ll show you some different versions of that. And then beside sparkling water, and if you do plain sparkling water, by the way, I usually like to flavor it with something like lemon or lime, or you can squeeze any type of other fruit in there that you want, like orange or grapefruit, for example. But that would be probably my top and most favorite way to get off of soda. My second most favorite is using a flavored sparkling water, something like Waterloo, for example, because Waterloo, actually it even says on the side of their can that they do use filtered water.

So that would be another option. And then of course there are other things that are not just sparkling water, but things like kombucha, which is fermented green and or green and black tea, or just fermented black tea. You do have to watch the sugar content in those. You want to make sure there’s not a lot of added sugar or zero added sugar if possible, but, and of course kombucha does have a little bit of caffeine in it as well. And then another solution that is my personal favorite that I have every single day is just herbal tea that’s cold. So I’ll steep some herbal tea and put it in the fridge. And then when I want to have something nice and cold, that is what I do.

So let me quickly show you what I’ve got here. So I’ve got the Waterloo’s over here and then there’s kombucha, Pellegrino with lemon, one of my favorites, and then of course the tea that I use a large steeper for. You just boil water and then pick your favorite herbal tea, let it cool and then put it in the fridge and it’s there for you. And this is what’s in my current tea right now. This is an awesome mix that has things like hibiscus, rose hemps, currants, blueberries, orange peel, there are all kinds of yummy stuff in there! There’s lots of good vitamin C in there as well. So again, these are my favorite hacks for getting off soda.



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