Remote Vital Sign Monitoring

Remote Vital Sign Monitoring
We are now offering remote vital sign monitoring! This system helps alert us to subtle changes in your physiology so we can start treatment faster.

Hi, this is Dr. Emily Parke and I’m super excited to announce that at Arizona Wellness Medicine are now offering remote vital sign monitoring. We’ve paired with a great company called Spry Health to offer the Loop Wearable System. This system is the only FDA cleared wearable remote vital sign monitoring device. It’s just as simple as wearing an extra watch or similar to a Fitbit.

And what it does is it monitors and analyzes your vital signs and will alert your physician as soon as early in subtle changes in your physiology start to occur. Why that matters and why that’s important is because it can catch the start of illnesses like COVID-19 but also any other exacerbations of chronic conditions or other infections up to three to five days before you really deteriorate. That can potentially save you from having to go to the ER or the hospital. And it lets us jump all over treating you early for whatever’s going on.

How does this system work? The device will be provided to you directly by the company as part of the program at no additional cost and replacements and repairs will be provided also at no additional cost, as long as it’s within reasonable wear. And the device collects heart rate, which is how fast your heart is beating. It collects respiratory rate, which is how fast you are breathing. And it also collects sat, which is oxygen saturation or pulse oximetry, which is the amount of oxygen saturated in your blood.

Those are three key important vital signs that the system is capturing. How it works for you, as the patient, when you receive your device, you’ll obviously charge it, there’s no wifi, no apps, nothing special required at all. The charging station is also where the device gets synced and then it goes via cellular data up to the system’s database. And then I will be logging in on the daily to look at your vital signs and I’m able to set specific alerts to you.

And that matters for example, let’s say you’re a patient that has chronic lung disease and your oxygen level normally runs at 95%. Well your alert is going to not be the same as someone else’s alert who normally runs at 98% to 99%. After two days of wearing the device, the system will have your baseline and then I will be able to set alerts specific to you. If something starts to not look right, if there starts to be signs of deterioration, you will get a message via the patient portal right away. And we’ll be looking for feedback.

Because you may say something like, “Oh I got an awful night’s sleep last night” or “My child was up sick all night” or some kind of stress that you’ve undergone and that may explain some of the vital sign changes (like an elevated heart rate). Or you may say, “You know what? I’ve been feeling a little off. I think I’m coming down with something.” In any event we’re going to be looking for feedback from you on that change, so I can assess what the next level of treatment is, how aggressive we need to get.

In addition to that, you’ll also get a monthly report that’s uploaded to the patient portal with your vital signs so you’ll be able to really track for yourself as well. Now the device does give you as the patient a little bit of feedback, like it’ll say heart rate normal but it’s not going to give you the actual numbers, the data, because it’s collecting continuously. That’s a lot of data points, but it will give you some idea as well.

The cost is $169 per month and I’m asking for a three month commitment upfront because I need 10 patients as a beta group in order to be able to work with Spry Health on offering this to all of my patients. If we get more than 10, that’s great. But we are looking for 10 patients to start with this awesome remote vital sign monitoring program. For more information, please click here.

You can also call the office at (602) 892-4727 or via email, or via the patient portal or just even on the phone we can give you more information and tell you all about the program that I’m really excited about. This is Dr. Emily Parke, and I hope this helps explain a little bit about our new program and system.




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