Who’s At High Risk At Contracting The Coronavirus?

Who is at high rick at contracting the coronavirus
Who is at high risk for contracting the Coronavirus? There are a couple of key factors to consider. Let's take a look at what they are.

Okay, next let’s talk about some statistics. What we know from the Chinese data so far is that the highest mortality rate comes in those that are the oldest. So, if you’re over age 80, for example, your mortality rate is 14.8%. Now the younger you are, the less your mortality rate is. So if you’re under age 40, the mortality rate is 0.2% and it kind of stays like that. And so far we haven’t seen cases in anyone under age 10, so that’s good news. So who is at high risk for contracting the Coronavirus? We just talked about age as being a risk factor, but the next most serious risk factor are those that have diabetes, and that does include type one and type two diabetes. Also, those with cardiovascular disease, so that’s heart problems and high blood pressure. Also, those that are smokers and have underlying lung conditions because this is a virus that does attack the respiratory system. So they are also at high-risk.

Now there’s some others that are I feel are obvious that are not in the statistics that should take extra caution. And that’s those that have cancer, are currently undergoing cancer therapy, those that have an autoimmune disease that are also on any of the biologic agents, meaning agents that can shut down parts of the immune system, and also those on chronic steroids might have an increased risk of contracting, not just the Coronavirus, but really any infection, viral or bacterial or otherwise. So I would put them to be extra cautious. I would put them in the same category as the high-risk people and take extra precautions.

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