Cold and Flu Treatment

cold and flu treatment
On today's functional health minute I'd like to talk to you a little bit about cold and flu treatment during the winter and holiday season.

Hi, this is Dr Emily Parke with your Health Minute for today.

Today I’d like to talk about things you can do to help you, hopefully, get through your cold or flu virus a little bit faster, if you, unfortunately, happen to catch it. You’re gonna wanna watch my previous video on cold and flu prevention for the future as well. So make sure that you’re minimizing your risk of getting infections, especially this season, winter, and cold and flu season.

So, a couple things that you can do. Of course, you wanna make sure you’re well rested and well hydrated. You wanna make sure that you’re managing your stress levels. Because, again, we know that stresses can decrease the immune system response, and you’re more susceptible to infection. And even during the infection, if you’re not getting enough rest and hydration, good nutrition and managing your stress, then your virus is likely to last longer, hang around long.

But there are other things you can do, like increase your vitamin D intake, increase your vitamin A intake. Those are both really important for the immune system. Vitamin C intake and other antioxidants, even … I mean, you could go as far as even adding in some glutathione, which is one of your body’s main antioxidants and detoxifiers.

And there are other things you can do, like some of the herbals that are pretty well known to help with viruses like echinacea, for example. And another nutrient that can be helpful during a cold or flu virus is zinc.

So here, at the office, we actually have something I call the flu pack. It’s actually for colds and flus, and it basically has all of the things in it that I have been using for years now to help shorten cold and flu viruses.

This is Dr Emily Parke with your Health Minute for today.



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